Certified Coders

Billing Talent, Billing Experience, Trained NorthStar Anesthesia Billing Services utilizes procedural coders who have been certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). AAPC requires two years of coding experience and a rigorous testing process before a coder can become certified. Then, like most professions, coders must complete continuing educational programs each year to retain their certification.

Extensive Training

NorthStar invests in the training of its employees throughout the year. Internal programs, external programs and computer based training is available to the staff. Carrier specific issues, coding changes and reimbursement issues are a few of the training topics.

Certified Management

Founders Jonathan and Nancy Schuessler are proud of their involvement with the Healthcare Billing Management Association (HBMA). HBMA is the leading professional association for third party billing companies. Members since its early years, both Jonathan and Nancy have earned the designation Certified Healthcare Billing Management Executive.