Charge Capture in the O.R.

Billing Technology, Electronic Claims NorthStar has developed a relationship with one of the country's leading developers of hand held charge capture systems, Patient Keeper.® NorthStar and Patient Keeper have developed a computerized charge capture system that runs on hand held devices, touch pads and PCs.

Now you can capture your charges while in the OR and transmit them to NorthStar as you leave each day. No charge ticket to fill out. No lost charges. Studies conducted by Patient Keeper have demonstrated an increase in captured charges of up to 20%!


All paper documents arriving in our production facility are scanned for storage as they arrive. These digital images are then made available to our billing and accounts receivable software. Our employees can then access any required supporting document directly from our billing software.

Electronic Claims Management

With the arrival of HIPAA, more electronic claim services are available from an increasing number of insurance companies. While not all services are available from all insurance companies yet, NorthStar is aggressively utilizing these services.

In addition to electronic claims and remittance advice, NorthStar utilizes automated claim status verification when available from an insurance company. Claim payment progress is constantly monitored.

Electronic Lock Box

Utilizing state-of-the-art electronic gateways, NorthStar can deposit your payments to virtually any bank account. Scanners that create both an image of the check and read the magnetic account encoding turn paper checks into electronic deposits.

Benefits include faster access to your money, retention of your current banking arrangements, and a digital archive of your deposit. The digital images of each deposit are available to our clients over the internet, 24/7.